How Often Should Roses Be Watered?

Rose bushes should be watered every 2-3 days during warm weather, and if the weather is sweltering, give your rose bushes a little water every day in the early morning. To produce the best rosebuds, you should keep the soil around the rose bush moist. I always keep an eye on my rose bushes, and if they start to look a little limp, I make sure to give them a good watering. Roses are heavy feeders and require moisture to transport nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant.

Six Tips on Watering Roses

Water Your Roses Every 2-3 days More if the Weather is Hot or Windy. Roses are the happiest when the soil around them is consistently moist. If your soil has a good balance of organic matter and drainage, you will only need to water your roses plants every few days. If the weather is extremely hot  >90 degrees, you may need to water your roses every day to keep them happy. Windy can also be a factor when choosing how much to water your roses because it can cause your soil to dry out faster due to evaporation. 

Water Your Roses Early in the MorningWatering in the morning is a great way to conserve water and prevent evaporation due to hot temperatures and wind. I’ve found watering in the early morning before the hustle and bustle of life is also very relaxing and allows me to clear my mind a prepare for the day. A happy, stress-free gardener equals to a healthy and productive garden.  

Give your Roses a Good Drink. Allow the Water to Soak InRose roots grow 8-12 inches into the soil and spread about the width of the plant. When you are watering and see water running off, there is a good chance that water isn’t reaching the lower root system preventing the plant from reaching its full potential. Using a soaker hose can help get water down to the lower root system. Applying water at a slower flow rate and moving between plants can also help get the water deeper, helping your rose plant absorb more water and nutrients.

Avoid Spraying Water on the Leaves and Flower Buds I know it’s not always possible to keep water off the leaves of roses bushes, but water on the leaves of roses bushes promotes the growth of a fungus called Diplocarpon rosae. The fungus is responsible for black spots on the foliage of rose bushes. The black spots are unsightly and impair the rose bush from absorbing light, leading to other diseases and damaging insects.

Conserve Water by Mulching Around the Base of the Rose BushApplying mulch around the base of your rose bushes has multiply benefits that will help keep your roses healthy year around.  One of the primary benefits is keeping moisture away from the sun and wind, allowing you to conserve water while making sure moisture is always available to your rose plants. Another benefit of mulch is keeping weeds away, helping your roses stay healthy by not competing for water and nutrients. The most common mulch is bark dust, but you can use lawn clippings, peat moss, and leaf compost. 

Consider Installing a Drip System for your RosesDrip systems are great for roses because they keep water off the leaves and allow the water to soak in, reaching deeper into the soil. A drip system for roses doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can save you a lot of time and money. If you have a facet close to your rose bushes, this automatic watering kit from Raindrip has everything you will need and is easy to set up. Great for roses bushes and other plants you might need to water.  

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