How Often Should Blueberry Plants Be Watered?

Blueberry plants require regular watering during the growing season to make sure the root system doesn’t completely dry out. The amount of water varies based on if the blueberry bush is planted in the soil or container put; it’s typically 1-4 inches of water a week. It’s better to water more frequently, than all at once during the week, and you can save water if you cover your blueberries with a top dressing that conserves water like peat moss or sawdust from pine or fir.

How to water blueberry plants

It’s essential to water blueberry plants evenly around the base of the plant. Blueberry plants are not able to transport water from one side of the plant to the other side. So if you only water one side of your blueberry plant, the opposite side of your blueberry plant will start to show signs that it’s not getting enough water. Since blueberry plants have a shallow root system, the key to watering is not to water all at once during the week but to spread out the watering times to keep the root system moist but not soggy. During the sweltering months of summer, you might have to water your blueberry plants for a few minutes every day or at least every other day to prevent damage. 

How to tell if you’re blueberry plant is getting enough water.

f a blueberry plant isn’t getting enough water, there are a few signs to watch out for. The first sign you will see if your blueberry plant isn’t getting enough water is the loss of vigor. Your blueberry bush will look sad with new growth starting to flop over. Water your plant ASAP before more permeant damage occur. Severe signs of drought or underwatering include leaves that appear burnt stems burning, berries shriveling up.

How to tell if you’re overwatering your blueberry plant

Overwatering a blueberry plant can be just as damaging if the water isn’t getting enough water. Blueberry plants hate standing water around the root system. Overwatering blueberries can cause root rot preventing the plant from taking up water and nutrients. The signs of overwatering are similar to underwatering. If you have been watering your blueberry plant and your leaves are turning red, or the edges are burnt, you are overwatering. 

How much water do blueberry plants require when they are planted in pots and containers?

When blueberries are planted in containers, it’s essential to water them often during the summer months. Blueberries in containers tend to dry out much faster than blueberry bushes planted in the ground. Adding about 2 inches of peat moss as topdressing can help keep the moisture around the root systems preventing the blueberry plant from becoming damaged because of a lack of water.

What to put on your blueberry plants to save water

Putting a top dressing on your blueberry plant is beneficial to both the plant and the environment. You can use peat moss, fir or pine sawdust, lawn clippings, and even leaves. Lawn clippings and leaves are more sustainable than peat moss or sawdust, but they all work equally as well. Using peat moss and sawdust has the added benefit of helping with maintaining the acidic soil that blueberries love.