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  • 5 Tips For a Green Lawn in 30 days

    Do you need to green your lawn up fast? Ok, fast is a relative term you can green a lawn up in 14-30 days if you follow my five easy steps, but if you need green fast the only way is to paint it with lawn pain Here are 5 Tips That Will Help You […]

  • Secrets to Growing Blueberries in Pots and Containers

    Blueberry plants do amazingly well in containers particularly if you match the right type of blueberry bush to the correct container or pot size. Blueberries do well in containers because their root systems are shallow; they typically only extend 6-10 inches under the soil so you don’t deep pot. When selecting the right pot or […]

  • How Often Should Blueberry Plants Be Watered?

    Blueberry plants require regular watering during the growing season to make sure the root system doesn’t completely dry out. The amount of water varies based on if the blueberry bush is planted in the soil or container put; it’s typically 1-4 inches of water a week. It’s better to water more frequently, than all at […]

  • How Often Should Roses Be Watered?

    Rose bushes should be watered every 2-3 days during warm weather, and if the weather is sweltering, give your rose bushes a little water every day in the early morning. To produce the best rosebuds, you should keep the soil around the rose bush moist. I always keep an eye on my rose bushes, and […]