5 Tips For a Green Lawn in 30 days

Do you need to green your lawn up fast? Ok, fast is a relative term you can green a lawn up in 14-30 days if you follow my five easy steps, but if you need green fast the only way is to paint it with lawn pain

Here are 5 Tips That Will Help You Green Your Lawn Up In 30 Days or Less

Apply Lime
Grass needs the correct pH balance in order to absorb nutrients such as fertilizers and iron

Apply Fertilizer

Sometimes grass just needs a little extra boost. Applying a good 16-16-16 fertilizer will give it a nice boost

Apply Iron

Iron is what makes grass green. It will also kill any moss you find in your grass.

Cut The Grass High

When you cut the grass too low it doesn’t have enough surface area for photosynthesis. Cutting the grass higher will allow the grass to absorb more of the sun’s rays and build a solid root system.

Apply Water

Once you have applied the lime, fertilizer, and iron you need to give your lawn a good watering to help all the nutrients reach the roots.