Welcome to The Garden Next Door, a chronicle of my journey of learning to provide for myself and my family, connecting with my community, and living a more sustainable life.

Call it “Garden Hacking” if you will. As a “city-girl-turned-growing-enthusiast”, I’ll share my successes and failures to help you save you time, energy and money, so you can enjoy your garden’s bounty.

You can follow along by email or social media updates (in the sidebar to the right), or just by checking in directly at this site.

I’ll also write the following feature posts:
1. Recipes – fast, easy, delicious recipes featuring a veggie you can easily grow yourself.
2. Off-season posts – when the garden is hibernating, I’ll talk about connecting with community and changing the world in small ways.
3. Guest posts – fun fodder from like-minded friends, foodies and fellow bloggers.

When I first planted a garden, I didn’t anticipate the profound effect it would have on my connections, not only with nature, but with friends, neighbours and community organizations.

As a working mom, I understand the importance of making it easy for busy, regular people to “get growing”. And you never know, we just might change the world one veggie at a time. I hope you’ll join my mini revolution.


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