Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Spring!

Spring is hereSunday, March 9th – the clocks moved forward at 2am this morning, meaning an extra hour of sunlight each day. Wahoooo! Never mind that hour of lost sleep!

The timing is unbelievable. It’s mild and dry out and has stopped raining for what seemed like days on end. I realize I’ve had my head so far up my wintery ass (I’ll just keep my head down and focused, just make it end!), I literally did not notice that the crocuses had started to peek out. Or that buds were forming on the lilac trees, azaleas and rhodos in our yard.





Then I noticed the rhubarb had poked it’s tiny little head out (indicating it did NOT die over the winter and there will be abundance), and the chives and mint on the deck had started growing again. All in one week.

I had been so buried in winter, I literally forgot that things start happening again fairly early on, and I can start thinking about and planning for the next growing season already!

While it’ll be a few months before there’s any actual FOOD showing up, the delight in knowing it’s coming was enough to get me outside, breathing fresh air, and taking to the yard for some spring clean up! I cut the dead stuff off the perennials (plants that come back each year – don’t worry I can never remember which is “annual” or “perennial” either) that are otherwise so easy to maintain. I did a little raking to get the soil breathing again, and I plucked the few weeds that had managed to survive the winter or start up early.

Ahhhhhhh! I remember why I enjoy “working the land” so much. I couldn’t even find my gloves, so I just picked at the dirt and leaves with bare hands, not bothering about the mounds building up under my fingernails (generally I’m pretty finicky about wearing gloves as otherwise, my hands end up looking like they’re 80 years old!).

Amazing how one day can change your whole attitude on life going forward. And I guess it’s no accident that the word “Spring” has so many metaphors for just that. Well, it’s still 12 days till Spring is officially here, but the metamorphosis of renewal has begun….for me and my surroundings.

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