Quick, it’s not too late to plant!

It’s garden season, and I didn’t even get around to posting in April. Sadly, my garden is in about the same shape as the blog. I got so busy with work and life that I literally didn’t notice that the sunshine (and showers), weeds and no-jacket-weather meant I should start planting! Heck, even the local Farmer’s Market started up already this weekend!

So much for my advice about planning ahead, reviewing my past calendars or setting alerts for myself.

I did manage to get some lettuce, kale and potatoes in the ground a month ago, which are now popping up.

Growing Potatoes

Early potatoes..and my old pink gardening crocs…for good luck.

Kale seedlings

I planted spinach too, but it didn’t bother coming up. I think my seeds were old, but I’ve also discovered that spinach is finicky and only likes just the right combo of cool and warm weather. However, I will persevere, as it’s a high yielder when it does flourish, and the first thing I would choose for my daily smoothies.

In the back of my mind, the Victoria Day long weekend (May 16th this year) is always a marker for when almost everything should be in the ground if I want to be eating it by July/August. I just hadn’t been cognisant of how close it was (a week away!)

So finally this week, I rustled up my old notes, where I had noted what I had planted where and when, and made a quick plan on my calendar for what needs to happen next in order to ensure a decent harvest this year.

I usually wait to plant the heat lovers like squash to ensure a harvest when I get home from our time away in mid August, but I decided to experiment and just get to it. We should get to enjoy it before we leave, but if not, the house sitter can have her fill.

So today, I planted tomatoes (from plants as always), basil, yellow beans, purple beans (from seeds I harvested last year), half my cucumber seeds, some yellow (patty pan) squash, carrots and another round of spinach and lettuce (which I hope to plant every few weeks, time and space permitting, to ensure a continuous harvest).

So…the message here?
People are always telling me they don’t have a clue about gardening, what to plant when, and they think they need to be experts before they ever plant anything. But I maintain that it’s ALL experimentation, every year, and I am giddy and consider myself lucky when I get to enjoy anything I’ve grown. So even though I was slow on planning this year, all was not lost, and it’s really a matter of prepping your soil and just getting something in the ground. See where the sun likes to lie, what grows best where, and that knowledge will become part of your plan for next year. No PhD needed.

Are you early or late this year, or if it’s your first time growing, what have you planted so far?

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