Planning + Magic = Food

If you’ve ever grown anything yourself, you’ll understand the feeling you get when the seedlings poke their heads out of the seemingly barren ground (for a few days, they seriously look like chickens hatching, trying desperately to break through the earth). Year after year, I get the same sense of shock and excitement like, “Wow, it’s working! I might actually be growing some food here!”.

This is my front yard garden (Garden #2) around mid-season last summer, when the seedlings were established but there was no actual food being harvested yet (except for some baby beet tops and kale leaves).

Garden #2 mid season

Everything looks pretty under control, right? Everything neatly labeled in their respective rows?

Well, I can only take partial credit for the outcome, but here was my “yieldy” thinking (and the equally inherent spontaneity) behind what’s happening.

Beets – I planted the beets toward the middle because once they’re grown and pulled from the ground, then you can plant more in that space. I chose more cucumbers for the 2nd planting, because I wanted as much as I could get for salads in August and September! There was a row of carrots in there as well. They hadn’t come up yet, but same concept.

The squashes and friends – I learned from experience that these guys tend to take over and require a lot of space, but they also produce a lot, so I maximize the space by training the cucumbers to grow up instead of along the ground. All they need is some support (I have used everything from bamboo sticks to old rakes or anything tall and skinny I can find), for their little “tentacles” to wrap around and keep growing.

The patty pan (or simply, summer) squashes grow more like a bush than a rising vine. It needs about 2 square feet, but the one plant netted me at least 20 squashes (I lost count when I started giving them away to the neighbours). As I’d never grown this before, it was a complete fluke that I gave it the right amount of space and it didn’t take over my entire garden. But now I know. And now you know. 🙂

I’d never grown pumpkins before either, but I allowed for some “experiment” space on the edge of my garden, and considering the sprawl at our local pumpkins patches, I suspected these guys would need some space. There was nothing but grass beside them, so I just encouraged them to head right….and oh, they did.

Ok, ready? Don’t laugh, but this is what that same garden looked like after I came home from two weeks away in August.


As you can see, it was so tightly packed, you couldn’t fit another thing in there.
But the kale was still holding its own and not being shaded in the middle. The cucumbers and squash were producing like crazy, and the pumpkins were doing what they were supposed to – heading right…almost into the neighbour’s yard!

But I never worry about overproduction, as I’ve learned I can always do some thinning. But surprisingly I didn’t need to do any thinning. I just started picking. And eating.

And this is when I got seriously excited about the amount of food I could actually grow in a relatively small space. I felt happy and proud, and like I had a superpower that I never knew existed (like I was the one providing the sun and water, haha). That’s when I started documenting my “journey”. And here we are.

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2 thoughts on “Planning + Magic = Food

  1. Julie

    Great looking garden! Training cucumbers to grow on a trellis is by far the best trick in the book when it comes to space management.


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