Spring has sprung?

It’s with mixed emotions that I look up at the local mountains, usually covered with snow this time of year. It is barely past Valentine’s Day, and my daughter is playing soccer in shorts and it’s 13 degrees outside!
And despite my yearning to get a few more good days of skiing in this season, I’m taking the glass-half-full approach and allowing myself to relish in the fact that spring might actually be here…at least a month early .

Normally, February is fairly miserable in Vancouver, and I dread the “February Blues” that usually ensue with seemingly endless days of rain, cold and dreariness.
Not this year! I assumed it was because I was so busy with work that I’ve hardly noticed the weather. But discovering the first crocuses of the season made me realize it’s been so warm and dry that the weather just hasn’t negatively affected me at all this year.

I’m not going to be naïve and assume I can start planting my garden yet, but it has given me the groundhog feeling (pull your head out of your hole (hehe) and embrace the light!), and I’m excited to start planning. Bring on spring!

Stuff I’ve discovered in my yard that is UP and growing already:
Rhubarb, kale and carrots hanging around from last year – I LOVE veggies that re-grow!

What’s UP in your yard, on your balcony or in your garden?

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